Zak acupuncture for scoliosis case

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Zak acupuncture for scoliosis case

Post  Zak on Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:31 am

G, female, 36 years old, started at an early age, suffering from idiopathic scoliosis, have been used for gypsum vest, but in the era of youth, no ill feeling, begun two years ago, has long been engaged in the work of the need bending , low back pain often occur,feel left leg not completely straight, waist circumference after the treatment and tuina massage, the illness was slightly reduced, but this year, the increasingly heavy pain, the hospital, null and void.

Clinical examination: the entire waist with S shape , the left lower lumbar spinal scoliosis, kyphosis, straight legs bending test, hand fingertip 60 cm from the ground, the left iliac leads after medial ridge on the pain, and referal to the leg, straight leg extension waist test after iliac caused pain on the medial ridge, but not same serious as left, straight-leg raising test :left 35 , and caused pain, the right 90 , highly sensitive point in tenderness L2-L4, epithelial gluteal nerve inferior gluteal nerve, the sciatic nerve exports area, knees hip-flexor test leads to the left leg thigh pain, X-ray Note: S shape scoliosis diagnosis: soft tissue damage in the spinal canal of the left flank pain, with scolioesis .

Treatment: zak acupuncture
Results: After several cycles of treatment, spinal deformity still exist, however, the pain disappeared, the patient back to work.

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