Zak Acupuncture for Pain in the popliteal fossa

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Zak Acupuncture for Pain in the popliteal fossa

Post  Zak on Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:24 am

Zak Acupuncture for Pain in the popliteal fossa

D, male, 22 years old, football players, three years ago, a knee injury, local swelling, need crutches, but, slowly ease the pain, knee pain residue extension, Squat pain, the pain went downstairs, popliteal pain and so on, have more than hospital treatment, showed no sign of improvement.

Clinical examination: mild left quadriceps atrophy, before the bottom of the knee pain, joint, no liquids and gases, highly sensitive point of tenderness at the patella sharp ,left meniscus tenderness not obvious, the root of the left thigh tenderness not obvious, mcmurray test was negative, no abnormal X-ray in the patella after a sharp massage, and the pain can temporarily disappear, diagnosis: primary damage to the left patella fat pad

Treatment: zak acupuncture
Results: After a period of treatment, the pain disappeared, patients can play football again and resume normal work.

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