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7, Zak acupuncture treatment principle
7,1 spinal soft tissue damage, and low back pain area
Whether the use of non-surgical therapy, or use of surgical therapy are essential for spinal soft tissue damage in the pathogenesis of pathology and arise in the development of the two main components of a variety of treatment. Namely:
(1) full and complete eradication of lesions in the body all the factors of the original skeletal muscle, fascia, the ligament, joint capsule, such as fat in the bone attachment or along the fascia of the primary aseptic inflammation, and the following Vascular risk factors, nutrition, blood vessels and neural stem (sticks), the connective tissue around the nerve endings secondary both aseptic inflammation caused by chemical stimulation of all sensitive points of tenderness.
(B) full and complete lifting of these sensitive point of tenderness localized pain caused by the reflection of early secondary factors (protective) spasm secondary factors, as well as advanced early spasm or late spasm.
7,2 spinal soft tissue inside and outside mixed damaging aspects of low back pain

8, Zak acupuncture operation methods (see the detailed methods of operation)
8, 1 Zak acupuncture process of development
8,2 Zak acupuncture treatment elements: To achieve a satisfactory zak acupuncture pain rather than the administration of analgesic effect, be sufficient to the following two points:
(1) correctly understand the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, waist, sacrum, buttocks, the tenderness point Tuitong
(2) proper grasp of tenderness point zak acupuncture technique
8,3 Zak acupuncture for the pre-operational matters
8,4 Zak acupuncture method of positioning
8,5 Zak acupuncture operational steps
8,6 Zak acupuncture therapy after conventional treatment
8,7 Zak acupuncture use of the indications, contraindications
Several 8,8 Zak acupuncture needle point and the needle icon
8,9 Zak acupuncture ordinary acupuncture and pain in the governance aspects of the distinction
Because "on the Point Selection" and "Acupuncture for Pain" traditional acupuncture eliminate signs of pain and the analgesic effect of conduction, so the acupuncture experienced in 3000 about the application still has strong vitality of the majority of the sick welcome. Traditional acupuncture not only in the domestic widespread clinical application, but also spread abroad, the international aspects of attention. It should be said that the traditional coin needle acupuncture has its positive side, acupuncture after enables many of the mild or the spinal soft tissue damage in cases of disappearance or signs of easing; and easy to operate,cheaper, the majority of patient to accept treatment. Its negative side, the administration signs easily relapse cases or increasing. Both are difficult to cure objective facts, especially in severe cases of acupuncture for treatment of multiple non-ideal effects, and some have not even the slightest effect, and thus, the theory of meridian points under the guidance of traditional acupuncture treatment of this disease, in most cases the entry into force on the only played analgesic effect, but there are still a considerable number of cases in clinical invalid frequently met.
Why "on the Point Selection" and "Acupuncture for Pain" filiform needle acupuncture (needles, including traditional silver) can only play analgesic effect of pain and unable to obtain effective governance? According to my analysis, there are the following three reasons: ① past spinal soft tissue damage, the cause of pathological not clear, do not know the pain caused by the original formation of the factors and the pathogenesis of secondary factors and pathological process of development. The traditional acupuncture only authentic acupoints or authentic by the odd point, or "A" Point, also was aimed at the early secondary factors spasm or advanced secondary factors muscle contracture or deformation of the soft tissue degeneration itself as a Acupuncture treatment targets, and not directed at the bone attachment of the original factors of soft tissue lesions "to the pain caused by relax tenson" (that is, governance pain) treatment. The spasm of the former cases, can be shortened without relaxing a qualitative change in skeletal muscle attachment to alleviate the muscle pull stimulation received varying degrees and not too long "to the pain-rule" (that is, analgesia) effects of acupuncture for musculoskeletal not directly attached to the pathogenesis of the major sites, the signs will recurrence or worse on the latter case because of the muscle contracture can not eliminate the pathological changes of muscle, the former length of bone without the same analgesic effect there. This is not traditional acupuncture in accordance with this act in the pathogenesis of disease, resulting in the treatment of priorities, therefore completed the difficult task of pain, it is an important reason. ② spinal soft tissue damage, the primary factor is the bone attachment of soft tissue lesions, mainly of the periosteal bone, bone margin of the tendon or the bone surface of the organization or fat pad, and muscle cramps or muscle contracture soft tissue morphology or nature change only secondary pathological changes. At first, only then, as the primary factors considered secondary factors, is targeted therapy. Today traditional acupuncture theory rigidly prohibited by the provisions of bone needle and stabbed margin periosteum and other conventions and restrictions on traditional acupuncture virtually limited to soft tissue such as muscles themselves for acupuncture needle, which is against all the factors for the treatment of secondary . So unconsciously attached to the bones of soft tissue lesions of primary and always tip separation, the pain can not play a role in governance. This is the traditional acupuncture to be made in 3000 and the analgesic effect of a rule can not be the crux of the effects of pain is a causal relationship. If the ancients was in the conventions can be abandoned, the traditional acupuncture analgesia effect from the long rule pain effects, and never will, as is now the case in the "like burglary," the plight of wandering. ③ spinal soft tissue damage, in addition to limitations caused pain or pain with conduction, as also often complicated by vertebral - basilar artery blood disorder, plant nerve function disorders, circulatory disorders, respiratory disorders, nervous system disorders, digestive system function disorders, genitourinary system dysfunction or movement disorders, such as conduction system signs. The author has no "on the Point Selection" and "Acupuncture for Pain" traditional acupuncture, only for zak acupuncture treatment, the complete elimination of soft tissue damage to its primary point of tenderness (district), which can result conduction disorders of the above-mentioned symptoms disappeared immediately and long-term recurrence. However, the traditional acupuncture in the secondary factors for muscle spasticity, or muscle contracture of the soft tissue lesions in the conduct of acupuncture, although it can alleviate these "disorder" of the signs, but not effect the consolidation, and easily relapse. Therefore, the author pointed out that in accordance with traditional acupuncture "on the Point Selection" and "Acupuncture for Pain" their treatment of the various organs of the so-called "independent disease" In fact, all the above-mentioned "disorder" signs of conduction of misdiagnosis. Conduction of this many traditional acupuncture analgesia signs of principle, is in the pain response is directed against secondary factors spasm (no qualitative change) is still soft tissue or non-surgical therapy early reversible muscle contracture (qualitative lighter) for the soft tissue Acupuncture, the role of acupuncture can relax or suitably ease spasm or contraction of muscles and fascia, muscle attachment indirectly ease the pull of stimulation, which the primary point of tenderness (district) Analgesic , has led to so many disorders resulting from the elimination of conduction signs or mitigation; but this is absolutely not traditional acupuncture on many so-called "independent disease" rule from the role of pain and medical treatment. Based on the above three reasons, the authors propose the use of soft tissue damage tenderness point (district) replace the traditional Point, as well as the resulting conduction replace the traditional signs of the new concept of meridians, and is fully in accordance with the theory and the practice of sufficient basis. So, soft tissue surgical new doctrine is indeed guidance on the theory of acupuncture meridian points on the basis of material obtained in line with the objective reality of this new concept formation, the development of an important pillar.

9, Zak acupuncture the classification of clinical cases (see the original case in detail)

10, reference materials

11, Notes

12, Appendix 1
Zak acupuncture indication:
Zak Han has made separate and systematic conclusions in the treatment and preventive measures of the pain of the head, neck, back, shoulder, upper limb, waist, sacrum, buttock and lower limb by applications of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine in relatively complete and effective ways.


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