Zak acupuncture for infertility case

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Zak acupuncture for infertility case

Post  Zak on Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:33 pm

J, female, 35 years old, three years back pain, secondary infertility 14, initially felt only mild pain, gradually worsened and the development of the entire back pain, can not take deep breaths, not around the neck rotation, recurrent headaches, in the recent bilateral hip pain, and left lateral thigh pain, and after a menstrual disorders, infertility, the multi-treatment ineffective.

Clinical examination: a spinal deformity, straight legs bending test, fingertip 45 cm from the ground, raises pain, straight leg extension is not limited test waist, straight-leg raising the 70 , both bilateral thigh and waist roots highly sensitive point of tenderness, knees hip flexor legs at the root of test leads to the thigh pain, the zak acupuncture

Results: After a period of treatment, the symptoms disappeared waist, back, cold symptoms disappeared, breathing smoothly.
After more than a year of pregnancy, birth to a boy, we are considering: lumbar buttocks and thighs aseptic the root of the soft tissue damage may lead to infertility.

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