Zak acupuncture for Hip osteoarthritis case

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Zak acupuncture for Hip osteoarthritis case

Post  Zak on Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:34 am

W, female, 56 years old, right leg pain 20, since very little feeling on the right hip discomfort has increased gradually, over the last three years for the continued development of right hip pain and waist pain, and for the development of Ectocnemial pain, the right hip can't step, can barely walk. A variety of treatment ineffective. Hospital recommended surgery, the patient does not consent ,and for treatment to my clinic

Clinical examination: the left lumbar spine mild scoliosis, kyphosis mild, straight from the fingers and legs bent over 35 cm, straight legs straight Test normal waist, hip pain leads to the right, straight-leg raising test, left 70 , right 50 , double hip outreach movement is restricted, the right grave. Leg hip flexor knees at the root of the pain test positive leads to the thigh, buttocks and thighs found that the roots of many sensitive tenderness, x-ray show hip osteoarthrosis.

Treatment: zak acupuncture
Results: The pain disappeared and resume a normal life.

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