Zak acupuncture for sciatica case

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Zak acupuncture for sciatica case

Post  Zak on Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:02 am

X, male, 41 years old, 20 years ago, had waist injury history, a year and a half ago, feeling left waist pain, for the progressive development of the left hip pain, ectocnemial sore and tension , hoists bear flu, accompanied by a numb and cold feeling. Can not walk, life can not take care of themselves and add to climate change, many hospitals for diagnosis: sciatica, a variety of treatment ineffective.

Clinical examination: a lumbar spinal kyphosis, straight legs bending test, and 6 cm from the ground and fingers without pain increased, straight leg extension waist test, moderate limited. Straight-leg raising test: right 80 , 65 left and caused pain to the leg radiation. Many tenderness at the waist under the highly sensitive ,knees at hip flexor legs test was negative, x ray normal inspection line, I initially diagnosed as: soft tissue damage in the spinal canal of the left flank pain, and pain associated with lower limb conduction. Treatment using zak acupunctue

Results: After several times after treatment, and the pain is reduced significantly, normal work,

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Re: Zak acupuncture for sciatica case

Post  murphy on Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:21 am

i had sciatica about 7 years ago and have not been able to walk properly since, my right foot is weak and gives way nor can i hop or use just this leg alone, is there any treatment you might suggest please

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