zak acupuncture for shoulder pain

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zak acupuncture for shoulder pain

Post  Zak on Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:13 am

F female, 35 years old, left back sustained pain five years, no significant incentives to be re-signs, light, recurrent heavier pain also occurred in the upper arm, elbow, the left-handed influence of, the recent right pain also feeling back, when the bilateral ptosis, both lower extremities feeling back pain increased, it is difficult to be patient left weight, the variety of treatment ineffective.

Clinical examination: No abnormal cervical spine, cervical spine flexion longer time, we feel the left shoulder pain, tenderness Gang fossa, scapula lower back pain, not sensitive to other places, bilateral upper limb function was normal.

Diagnosis: the back of the left scapula soft tissue damage

Treatment: zak acupuncture

Results; pain disappear

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