zak acupuncture for heel spur pain case

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zak acupuncture for heel spur pain case

Post  Zak on Sat Mar 15, 2008 7:40 am

Z, male, 46 years old, because of low back pain and sciatica had undergone surgery, then gradually feeling the left knee pain, abdominal pain calf, Calcaneus pain at the bottom, not the heel, the need to take sharp position have in the hospital for diagnosis: calcaneal spur, a variety of treatment ineffective.

Clinical examination: Before the bottom of the left knee pain, popliteal pain, abdominal pain, legs pain, standing, calcaneal pain, tenderness sharp left patella, Calcaneus tenderness at the bottom, when the tip of the patella pressure, and leads to pain , the pain can disappear at the bottom of the foot, if not oppression patella, Calcaneus pain at the bottom of the re-emergence.

Diagnosis: left patella fat pad damage pain, and Calcaneus pain at the bottom.

Treatment: zak acupuncture

After several cycles of treatment, the patient's symptoms disappeared

Discussion: patella fat pad damage, or outside ankle after the bottom of the soft tissue damage caused by high pain can be caused to the low conduction Calcaneus pain at the bottom. Similarly, such as occurred in the back of neck and shoulder. . .

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