Zak acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome case

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Zak acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome case

Post  Zak on Sat Mar 15, 2008 6:59 am

Y, male, 38 years old, about four years ago, patient felt that the right middle finger of the metacarpophalangeal joint pain, pain activities increased, after gradually increasing, began feeling right wrist pain, aggravating climate change, the last nine months and right wrist pain exacerbated, a palm-right wrist, not straight, fingers dysfunction, the middle finger ring finger index finger numbness, and the right upper extremity pain because not droop, the hospital diagnosis: carpal tunnel integrated right disease, the general treatment ineffective, to the out-patient attendance.

Clinical examination: the right wrist to the palm-side of the joint function exists, but can not extend to the dorsal. Mandatory extension will cause increased pain, numb fingers aggravated the right transverse carpal ligament in the middle of that charge a lump, tenderness serious pressure can cause numbness right middle three fingers heavier.

Diagnosis: right carpometacarpal transverse ligament damage (the traditional sense of carpal tunnel syndrome)

Treatment: zak acupuncture

After a period of treatment, and reduce the pain disappeared, finger joints recovery.

Discussion: traditional concepts that carpal tunnel syndrome is due to the median nerve oppressed reasons, but in the use of zak acupuncture, though not completely lifted and oppression, but patients with symptoms disappeared, notes, the soft tissue around the elbow injury and the non - of inflammation caused pain stimulation is the main reason.

However, according to my experience, such patients still surgery, as soon as possible to resolve the pain, because the role of acupuncture itself a little slow.

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