Why does Zak acupuncture work? Possible answer.....(1.1)

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Why does Zak acupuncture work? Possible answer.....(1.1)

Post  masseur on Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:01 pm

Chronic Back Pain-Who Can Help? (Brief Introduction)
-----Unveiling new acupuncture therapy


About the Author



1,Why are difficult to cure chronic low back pain?

2,The truth of back pain due to herniated disc.

3,Tell you a true cervical spondylosis

4,A new awareness of various types of orthopedic pain

5,The occurrence and development process of back pain

6,How to exam back pain patient? --Dr Zak Han's diagnosis process

7,Treatment principle of zak acupuncture

8,Operation methods of zak acupuncture

9,Classification clinical cases of zak acupuncture



12,Appendix 1

13,Appendix 2


1,why is it difficult to cure chronic low back pain permanently, as well as a high probability of reacurring?

The results of epidemiological studies show, at the moment, neck, back and leg pain has became an occupational disease with the highest morbidity in a worldwide scale. Around 75%-85% of people will suffer from neck, back and leg pain during their lives, and the occurence of back pain has reached 25%-45%. Take Britain for example, the resulted expense of back pain reaches as high as 50 billion per year, and the number of back pain patients NHS receives every year is enormous. With the cold and humid climate of Great Britain's islands, back pain has gradually became a major factor which leads to serious damages on the quality of life for most British. accompanying the existence of a great number of sufferers, apart from the overloaded work of national health system, there's a large amount of private medical service available including private hospitals and numerous professional physicians, whch mainly consists of orthopaedic, spinal specialists, nerologist, pain management, as well as many supplimentary medical clinic and therapists, they all provide treatment aimed at back pain sufferers to various degrees, including acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy etc. numerous patients have inmproved their conditions through different treatment, even cured, and went back to normal life and work. Also, many professional physicians and therapists have gained and built up good reputation gradually, and therefore, stay in a leading position in this field.

Unfortunately, there's quite a large amount of intractable chronic back pain sufferers who often have several years or even decades of back pain history, their conditions varies, but with one feature in common, the condition gets worse and better from time to time, suffer from persistant pain, or remain painful even after surgery. These people travel between every well-known clinics, trying to find doctors who could relieve and cure the pain, but the reality is always disappointing. failure to find the permanent cure, mental, physical and financial burden lead to loss of courage to life for many of them. Therefore, what is truly the reason which causes back pain with a simple etiology become hard to tackle? For professionals, this is actually a huge topic, as there's almost no standard answer. Before dicussing this problem, the writer has a true case for the readers: This is a patient received by me, a sixty-years-old lady, with severe pain just below right side waist and right leg. She told me, there was already an surgery next week, but because of the fear for operation as well as the failure to release pain, she has came to me as a last hope. After examing, the diagnosis of intervetebral disc proved to be positive, but the reason which triggers this severe pain, is it the damage occured inside the spine or outside? This point is absolutely essential on the effectiveness of intensive deep acupuncture. Through careful examination by the write, it was found that the reason for this severe pain is the soft tissue injury pain outside the spine, and this type of pain can be released and cured with special acupuntural treatment (for specific diagnosis and treatment, see the book). After taking permission from the patient, the writer performed the special acupuntural treatment--zak acupuncture, although there were nearly forthy thick needles used, as the patient kept taking strong analgesics, the operation is very successful. The re-examination next week brought a surprising news, the pain is greatly relieved and the quality of sleep is good as well. The patient was very much satisfied and insisted upon continuing treatment. After around seven or eight times of the same treatments, the pain she suffered disappeared miracally, and resumed its normal life and work. Even her ????? was shocked, as they've carried out treatments continually for two years, and surgery is the last resort, although they know the cure rate isn't high. This is only an ordinary example of this special acupuntural treatment, however, for most patients who are tortured by the pain, every successful case carries a new hope.

Well, this is the special acupuncture method? This answer this question, we need a new awareness and understanding of what causes patients pain is a common clinical especially the disc herniation, spinal stenosis, cervical disease, the traditional view is correct? Why the perspective of the traditional treatment is not very satisfied with the results achieved?

2, the truth of disc pain
Traditional disc herniation and low back pain from a series of symptoms and inspection methods, as in the clinical application for many years, therefore, has been deeply rooted in the minds of many doctors, however, the basis of clinical practice, it seems that many concept is not correct, because it understanding of the merits of a special relationship to the working principle of acupuncture methods and clinical practice, it is essential.

2,1 consciously signs: the traditional concept of low back pain with sciatica: I believe that the early lumbosacral spinal pain, most of the soft tissue lesions in those damages is not necessarily for disc herniation in those, as many elderly people by organizations in the aging disc degeneration and prominent, but did not lumbosacral pain. The traditional concept of cough and sneeze again when lower extremities Radioactive pain add: I believe that lumbar disc herniation patients in this clinical signs of the plane, the venous drainage canal obstacles caused temporary geting bigger vein, and cerebrospinal fluid pressure rise, fueled epidural nerve root sheath, and aseptic inflammatory lesions in those fat area, it is not a simple nerve root compression results, even in the simple spinal soft tissue damage in patients as a result of this action caused create more negative pressure , muscular tension over to lumbosacral lesions of the soft tissue lesions were suddenly pull psoas and the sudden tension, resulting in a typical low back pain with sciatic nerve Radioactive pain add to a very common, simple, it has the typical signs of patients is spinal soft tissue damage, and only some of the typical signs of the patient is serious spinal lesions. The traditional understanding: Psoas rigid and waist movement disorders because of the sudden after spinal disc on the nerve tissue of oppression and increased friction caused spinal soft tissue pain, resulting from the waist spinal muscular spasm of protection.About this writer believes that this spasm of disc herniation and the role of non-mechanical, because spinal stenosis patients will have such cramps, and most simply spinal soft tissue lesions, such protection will be spastic.

2,2 positive signs: lumbar scoliosis and kyphosis:
Adjacent to the spinous process of lumbar sciatica caused increased tenderness
Sciatic nerve tension test
Unit Test nervous
Close to the nerve root involvement of the lower extremities after the performance
After years of clinical practice I found that all these are positive signs within the spinal canal and spinal soft tissue lesions of the soft tissue lesions total same means, and do not have significant differential diagnosis

3, tell you a true cervical spondylosis
That the traditional concepts: the pathogenesis of cervical spondylosis of the cervical transformation of bone cone oppression spinal cord, vertebral artery and nerve root caused by a series of signs and signs. But years of practice has proved that spinal aseptic inflammation of the soft tissue lesions of the head and neck chemical stimulation causes of back pain Xianbei hand the important risk factors

3,1 consciously signs: low back pain with neck-shoulder-arm neuralgia
Stiff neck
3,2 positive signs: Carotid kyphosis and dysfunction
Trigger Point
Brachial plexus traction test
Head and neck under pressure test
Under pressure test shoulder
Close to the nerve root involvement upper extremity performance
After years of clinical practice of author, as nerve roots in the diagnosis of cervical standards signs and signs, all within a few spinal soft tissue damage and the vast majority of spinal soft tissue damage to neck and back pain shared by the Predecessors. And the former induced inflammatory pain sheath of adipose tissue is a primary lesion, which occurred in degenerative cervical disc herniation of the vertebral joints or hook hyperplasia Osteophyte unrelated to the nerve root compression, because the two Incremental chronic mechanical and stimulate normal nerve root compression, and causes no pain and does not easily cause numbness.
process (for details, see the original book)

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Re: Why does Zak acupuncture work? Possible answer.....(1.1)

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Really thanks for the nice post.
I am also suffering from back pain.
Its really horrible make u feel so much painful.


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