Remedy for posture-problems

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Remedy for posture-problems

Post  Susant on Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:06 am

Nandita Raghav, a theatre artist, had been suffering from back pain for the last six months. Fed up of taking painkillers and consulting various allopathic doctors who prescribe more painkillers, she at last decided to go for a back pain ayurvedic treatment .

``It was the Ayurvedic treatment combined with yoga that provided me relief from the back pain,’’ Nandita says. `` They identified the root cause of my back pain – it was nothing but my poor posture. An abhyanga (oil massage) for a few days and some herbal medicines were prescribed in the first phase of the treatment. Next came some yoga, asanas which helped me gain back control over my body movements and wiped away the pain. It also helped me keep the right posture,’’ she says. Nandita, after the treatment and yoga sessions is conscious of her posture now, even if she is sitting at her home or work.

Nandita’s is not an exceptional case. There are many who owe a lot to the Ayurvedic treatment for their healthy back and joints. Ayurveda and yoga, the ancient disciplines originated in India have thus contributed much to the healthcare system of the country. Apart from providing a control over the body, Ayurveda and yoga ease tension and stress and rejuvenates both the body and the mind. Together they provide a spiritual overhaul, which no other healthcare system is able to offer till now.


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