There are many acupuncture for infertility clinic .....Really?

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There are many acupuncture for infertility clinic .....Really?

Post  emma on Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:05 pm

I found a interesting article online.What do you think about it?

According to media and article.The use of acupuncture to treat infertility seems certainly a promising treatment. In last 30 years such treatments may not only be a reality, but also more and more popular.

There are a number of acupuncture clinics around the many cities, but especially in big city.Taking advantage of media and the desperation of people with infertility,they are offering infertility treatment and claiming stunning rates of cures.BUT, At the same time they are not offering scientific evidence to back up their claims. Can large treatment effects and high rates of success be documented relatively easily with relatively few case?

The placebo effect is likely to be particularly large in this treatment. Patients spend a lot of money for the treatment.But ,the simple fact is that the acupuncture is not yet at the point where there are proven effective infertility treatments. Researchers are still working out the basic science . Desperate patients are also in no position to do anything about it if the treatments fail. They are given no guarantees.

All we can do is educate patients about the situation and hope they make the right decision.

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