Worry to see acupuncturist for infertility treatment?

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Worry to see acupuncturist for infertility treatment?

Post  emma on Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:01 pm

Basically,If you have been having regular, unprotected sex for a year and you still aren't pregnant, it may mean you are infertile.Consider making an appointment with your acupuncturist. Your acupuncturist can address your concerns about fertility, provide information on fertility, and advise you on the next steps you should take on your journey to becoming pregnant.

If you have a history of irregular or painful periods, pelvic pain, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or repeated miscarriages, or if your partner has a low sperm count or a history of testicular, prostate, or sexual problems.Acupuncturist may able to help those conditions which damage your fertility.

What your acupuncturist may ask about your fertility?
how long you have been trying to get pregnant;how frequently you have sex;history of smoking, alcohol and recreational drug use, stress, and sexually transmitted infections;pregnancy, menstruation and ovulation details and history;weight, diet, and exercise;any occurrences of sexual dysfunction;medical history

It's also good to further build the trust between you and your acupuncturist so you can feel comfortable talking about all aspects of your health.

Don't worry! Good luck!

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