Another shocking research:IVF children more likely to develop cancer

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Another shocking research:IVF children more likely to develop cancer

Post  emma on Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:49 pm

It's not first time. IVF Children are probably developing few conditions. But,This time case is serious one.

According to Telegraph,Swedish researchers used records of more than 26,000 children born after IVF treatment and linked them to registers of cancer diagnosis.

They found 53 children developed cancer, ranging from a very young age, up to 19-years-old, against an expected number of 38.
The team said this meant there was a 42 per cent increased risk of childhood cancer in these children.

The findings are published in the journal Pediatrics,CATHERINE ELTON noted ,Even if the study had confirmed IVF as a risk factor, experts say the level of increased risk is not enough to deter parents from undergoing the treatment. While IVF may bump up a tiny risk of childhood cancer, without it, many infertile couples may not have a baby at all.
So, What's your choice?The answer to that question depends on so many factors that it can't even be considered without a great deal of thought and research.

Big problem for infertility treatment due to IVF--New research

Shocking research: Baby boys may inherit fertility problems from their fathers if they were conceived using a sophisticated IVF method

IVF treatment has been suspended by a Cheshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) in an effort to cut costs.NHS Warrington said the decision would be very distressing for some, but that the treatment was expensive and involved a low number of people.
It said people with fertility problems would still be treated and advised, but that IVF would not be offered. BBC News

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