How to read Chinese medicine pulses?

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How to read Chinese medicine pulses?

Post  hxh91101 on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:29 am

Do you know Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis reading? you may say it will depend on the doctor's experience, but in fact, we can understand Chinese medicine pulses through vivid ways. for exapmple,
Feeble pulse (Xu Mai):
It is weak and hollow at Cun Guan Chi. It indicates deficiency of qi and blood and hypofunction of zangfu organs. Because qi is deficient in pushing blood, so the pulse weak; the blood is deficient in filling the vessels, so the pulse hollow.
Strong pulse (Shi Mai):
It is forceful at Cun Guan Chi. It indicates excess syndrome. Because pathogenic qi is strong and anti-pathogenic qi is not weak, the struggle between is fierce, qi and blood are in excess, so the pulse is strong.
How to defferen these two types? through these flash, you may grasp it easily, . Smile


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