Can acupuncture help otalgia (ear infection)?

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Can acupuncture help otalgia (ear infection)?

Post  masseur on Wed Aug 26, 2009 2:23 pm

How acupuncture Can Help otalgia(Earache) and Ear Infections?

When a child who has an earache is diagnosed with middle ear infection by the baby doctor, the usual treatment involves a course of antibiotic drug. New research, however, has determined that this type of treatment is often misdirected. The effort of the child’s middle ear infection may not be due to bacteria,

The reason for this is that numerous cases of middle ear infection can be produced by a virus which lead to irritated nerve endings.When these nerve endings are irritated, an aberrant tension is created in the small muscles of the neck. This muscle tension can put pressure on the lymphatic drainage ducts resulting in inadequate drainage from inside the ear, hence stopping the body from being able to naturally fix the problem. Additionally, balance can also be affected.

Acupuncture can help local circulation,relive muscle tension and reduce inflammation due to virus .then help earache or ear infections.

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