Acupuncture for myasthenia gravis

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Acupuncture for myasthenia gravis

Post  murphy on Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:01 am

Myasthenia gravis is a neuromuscular junction impact transfer function of autoimmune diseases. Its main clinical manifestations of the involvement of the extreme muscle fatigue, rest after a certain recovery. With eyelid ptosis, diplopia focusing on the ocular involvement of the most common, accounting for about 90%. The disease was 35 to 10 years old were commonly female than male patients. Myasthenia gravis causes and the pathogenesis, and it is still not clear, modern Western medicine or therapy effects.
Myasthenia gravis, also attributed to the Chinese atrophy permit areas. Its pathogenesis and the spleen and kidney insufficiency, Kidney essence inadequate irrigation is not physically, it is difficult to temper weak nutritional skin. Therapeutic Jianpi Yiqi, bushen impotence LAW, and has achieved a certain effect.

With the increase in clinical practice and the accumulation of cases, acupuncture treatment for the disease has been more in-depth understanding. The general view : acupuncture right ocular myasthenia gravis have better results, more was more. Other early symptoms of myasthenia gravis lighter, but also efficacy, but with required drug Tongzhi.

Body acupuncture
Main Points : Zanzhu, Yangbai, Yvyao, Hegu, Baihui.
Points allocation : Ocular drooping increase Waiguan, Guangming, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli; Diplopia increase Qingming, Fengchi.

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