Acupuncture for endometriosis

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Acupuncture for endometriosis

Post  brendanx on Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:23 am

My step daughter has just had her first acupuncture session for endometriosis. After she experienced great pain in the effected region. This pain went but she became very low in spirits. The acupuncturist identified correctly the site of the blockage in one of the fallopian tubes. My srepdaughter is very depressed now and isn't keen on continuing the treatment.
my wife and I have faith in the treatment but really no very little as to its efficasy re. this complaint. Also my step daughter is now tryin g for a baby so has gone off the pill quite recently (which of course could bring back pain in any case).
Any advice would be most welcome.
My step daughter lives in Eastbourne and went to the Chinese Medicine Clinic in Grove Road.
Many thanks in advance


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