Acupuncture for biliary stones

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Acupuncture for biliary stones

Post  murphy on Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:43 am

Biliary stones

Gallstone disease biliary system refers to any part of the disease occurred stones. Its performance depends on the clinical gallstone dynamic, the host site and complications Cholecystagia main symptoms (pain intense sweating, looking pale), nausea and vomiting, may have varying degrees of jaundice, fever. Cholecystagia generally short, but there are also extended to a few hours. Acupuncture right on the mechanism of disease, and many have shown that acupuncture may promote bile flow, gallbladder volume reduction for the wiggle and gallbladder emptying, the sphincter is repeated tension and relaxation, which will help the gallstone emit.
Acupuncture treatment suitable for the patient : 1, choledocholithiasis, 1 cm in diameter, about the absence of organic bile duct stenosis; 2, multiple intrahepatic duct stones; 3, a diameter of less than 1 cm gallstones, gallbladder function from the better off.

Main Points : Riyue, Qimen.
Points allocation : Ashi, Danshu

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