Acupuncture for erysipelas

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Acupuncture for erysipelas

Post  murphy on Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:42 am


Semen abnormalities, including reducing the total number of sperm and low sperm activity and increased number of abnormal sperm so. Furthermore, semen volume too much or too small, too large semen viscosity, liquefaction and the effects of pH abnormal sperm movement and the survival of the disease, is also included. It is the main reason for male infertility. Modern Western medicine, mainly in certain hormone or drug therapy, but response was not satisfactory, the foreign scholars also affirmed acupuncture on fertility in men with low sperm quality with a more visible impact [3].
Through the use of acupuncture treatment of male infertility patients with a number of hormonal changes observed before treatment, the patient's human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and testosterone (T) concentrations decreased secretion of the control group, after treatment both rebounded to normal levels, suggesting that acupuncture adjustable hormone functio

The main point : the two groups. One, the Dahe, Qvgu, Sanyinjiao, Zhongji, Guanyuan; 2, Baniu, Shenshu, Mingmen.

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