Acupuncture for epilepsy

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Acupuncture for epilepsy

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Excessive brain excitability of neurons Suddenly, the excessive discharge of duplication, leading to brain function sudden temporary disorder, clinical manifestation of short-term sensory dysfunction, physical convulsions, loss of consciousness and behavioral problems or autonomic dysfunction, known as epilepsy. Separable stage, small attacks, seizures and mental limitations campaign seizures, with intermittent, short-term and stereotypes of common characteristics.
Acupuncture treatment of epilepsy, modern earlier reported in the early 1950s. After the clinical data is gradually increasing, science constantly strengthened, acupuncture treatment on the mechanism of epilepsy, has done some work, but completely from the greater distance to clarify, some people abroad through the site abnormal brain waves (EEG was found in advance) Acupuncture electricity will EEG was found now the abnormal wave disappeared, suggesting that acupuncture may be inhibited by epilepsy abnormal brain waves to achieve a therapeutic effect
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