Acupuncture for alzheimer's disease

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Acupuncture for alzheimer's disease

Post  murphy on Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:36 am

Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease is a chronic progressive degenerative mental diseases. As early as the introduction of fat recent memory deficits, personality becomes stubborn selfishness of the characteristics of activities to bring about a comprehensive Intelligent receded, and even bed-ridden, unable to care for themselves. Major Raubenheimer, including Alzheimer's disease (about 50%), vascular dementia (Multi-Infarct Dementia, or about 15%) and these two hybrid (about 25%).
In the treatment, the use of needle-LAW, which for the first facial acupuncture on points. Point Injection have better results. Many doctors also use acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a combination of methods to improve the results.
In recent years, but also to carry out more extensive acupuncture treatment of senile dementia Mechanism results show that acupuncture in patients with Alzheimer disease cortex excitability has increased, and will increase cerebral blood flow and oxygen supply, promote the recession neurons in the energy metabolism. Animal experiments have confirmed that acupuncture can change the brain muscarinic receptor binding capacity, adjusting the cAMP / cGMP ratio, thereby improving brain energy metabolism, brain tissue for the repair and regeneration.

(1) Points
Main Points : Sishen, Mushen, Shenting <Shuigou, Fengchi.
Points allocation : Shenmen, Houxi, Zusanli, Taixi, Dazhui.
Sishen Point Location : Baihui around Point before and after the opening 1.5-inch side.
Body acupuncture
(1) Points
Main Points : Baihui, Sishenchong, Shenting, Dangyang, Shangxing, Shoumian, Bijiao, Dingsheng, Shuigou.
Points allocation : Zusanli, Fenglong, Dazhui, Shenzhu, Mingmen, Shenshu, Fuliu, Taixi, Yangjiao

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