Acupuncture for diabetes

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Acupuncture for diabetes

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Diabetes is a common endocrine metabolic diseases. At primary and secondary II, previously a major challenge. Early clinical symptoms and the symptoms period to be more food, drink more, polyuria, polydipsia, good hunger, weight loss, fatigue and other symptoms group. A long, accompanied cardiovascular, kidney, eye and nerve disease. These primary diabetes, insulin-dependent (mostly patients with juvenile onset or childhood, the situation with heavier) and non-insulin-dependent (mostly adults or adult onset and mild). The latter mainly acupuncture treatment. Secondary diabetes and endocrine disease is, pancreatic resection, and other factors related to drugs. In the treatment, since 1921 after the discovery of insulin, although the disease so that treatment has made great progress, but primary cause of diabetes is unknown, still hesitating in the control diet, oral medication, proper exercise and insulin therapy, only by regulating metabolic disorder to control the disease development.

Acupuncture treatment of diabetes and its complications have made unprecedented progress, as well as clinical treatment of a certain understanding of the law, that is : ① acupuncture efficacy and disease-close, insulin-dependent (IDDM), the efficacy of less; ② course short, light, medium effectiveness of acupuncture patients heavy weaker; ③ non-insulin-dependent (NIDDM), a medium-sized obesity and the effects of over-weight; ④ needle obvious sense, the course of the elderly, the more obvious effects; ⑤ acupuncture on the complications of diabetes were subjective and objective than satisfied with the results. Acupuncture treatment on the mechanism of diabetes, and that the acupuncture to improve the islet β - cell function synthesis and secretion, insulin for the body to improve efficiency in the use of the role of the

Body acupuncture
(1) Points
Main Points : Pishu, Geshu, Zusanli.
Points allocation : Yixue, Diji, Yinlingquan, Fuliu, Taixi, Sanyinjiao, Fushu, Shenshu, Guanyuan, Huatuojiaji.
Yixue location : 6 to 8 side thoracic pain points

2,Body acupuncture

Prescription: Weiwanxiashu (EX-B 3 ), Geshu (BL 17), Feishu (BL 13), Pishu (BL 20), Shenshu (BL 23), Zusanli (ST 36) and Sanyinjiao (SP 6).

Modification: For upper diabetes, Xinshu (BL 15), Taiyuan (LU 9) and Shaofu (HT Cool are added; for middle diabetes, Weishu (BL 21) and Nei-ting (ST 44) are add-ed; for lower diabetes, Ganshu (BL 18), Taixi (KI 3) and Taichong (LR 3) are added; for asthenia of both yin and yang, Guanyuan (CV 4) and Mingmen (GV 4) are addedŁ»for thirst and dry mouth, Lianquan (CV 23) and Chengjiang (CV 24) are added; for polyphagia, Zhongwan (CV 12) and Fenglong (ST 40) are added; for profuse sweating, Fuliu (KI 7) is added; for blurred vision, Guangming (GB 37), Touwei (ST Cool and Cuanzhu (BL 2) are added; for skin itching, Fengchi (GB 20), Dazhui (GV 14), Quchi (LI 11), Xuehai (SP 10) and Zhaohai (KI 6) are added.

Performance: Weiwanxiashu (EX-B 6), a key effec-tive acupoint for treating diabetes, should be needled 0.5-0. 8 cun obliquely toward the spinal column with reinforcing needling technique. The rest acupoints are needled with reinforcing needling technique or mild rein-forcing and reducing needling techniques.

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