Acupuncture for obesity

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Acupuncture for obesity

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Simple obesity-general, secondary and other obesity three categories. Simple obesity, and no obvious means of endocrine-metabolic etiology, is divided into obesity and physical access to two types of obesity, acupuncture slimming aimed at simple obesity, and obesity to obtain better results.
Excessive obesity, on human health is a threat. Body fat accumulation more, the heavier the burden on the heart, and myocardial fatty more easily to cause myocardial injury. Obesity can cause endocrine disorders, lipid increased 67.70 atherosclerosis. Obesity may lead to immune and anti-infection decline. Compared with ordinary people, the cancer a high incidence of times, the high incidence of coronary heart disease five times higher incidence of hypertension 8 times, diabetes high seven times. In recent years, as the material life is rapidly increasing, and changes in the structure of food and reduce the labor intensity, my simple obesity is a growing incidence increased. Currently, the treatment of obesity, more modern Western medicine taken Anorexics and metabolic stimulating agents, the results were not very satisfactory, but more side effects.

Scholars also further explore the mechanism of acupuncture to lose weight. Some of the work confirmed that the ear acupuncture weight loss and changes in taste led to the reduced food intake. The study found that the world's ear acupuncture can McGREGOR allergies, thereby suppressing appetite. The body of the biochemical substances and hormonal changes in the determination that there can diminish appetite specific Otopoint exist, they alter insulin, gastrin secretion. Still, Auricular Acupuncture, a signal along the vagus nerve conduction, while blocking the hypothalamus hunger information, limiting feeding to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Body acupuncture
Main Points : Guanyuan, Sanyinjiao.
Points allocation :
Neiguan, Shuifen, Tianshu, Fenglong, Lieque, Pishu, Qvchi, Zhigou, Daheng, Siman, Neiting, Fujie, Zhigou, Zhongzhu, Daimai, Xuehai, Shenshu, Taixi

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