Acupuncture for hiccup

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Acupuncture for hiccup

Post  murphy on Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:53 am

Hiccup, also known as the diaphragm spasm, the Department of diaphragm Involuntary contraction of intermittent movement of a symptom. Normal people sometimes hiccup occurred, is physiological in nature. But if hiccup for sustainability, and has nothing to do with eating, we would be often pathological. Hiccup into the cause of reflection, central and metabolism disorders and mental four categories, and more with various diseases.
Acupuncture for the treatment of refractory disease pathologic Hiccup
Main Points : Zhongkui.
Fetching a Zhongkui Points can be used acupuncture. Acupuncture : patient recumbent, relax underwear, partial disinfection, on the 28th with a 0.5-inch tiny needle, in which Zhongkui points around the same time the vertical needle and needle about 0.2 mm deep, with Rotating practices, Shi Qiang stimulation. The needling, respiration from the nose a deep sniff, then feel oppressed for maximum action. Win needle consecutive feel oppressed during his 3 ~ 5 times can be. Once Hiccup stop, and even if the patients abdominal take deep breaths for 30 minutes, every five minutes Win 1st needle. Electricity device or electricity for 30 minutes, the election intermittent waves, can be used with tolerance to stimulate volumee

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