Acupuncture for asthma

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Acupuncture for asthma

Post  murphy on Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:52 am

It is a very common attack pulmonary allergic disease. Its clinical manifestations of a sudden bout difficulty breathing easily extended breath, chest press tightly against the flu, patients sit up straight, hold dual ago, shoulders towering, sweating, irritability, and wheezing as expectoration. With most obvious difficulty in breathing. Over repeated asthma attacks, seizures of up to a few hours each time over.
Acupuncture treatment of asthma, the modern reported very numerous. In particular, the last 20 years, constantly dig out many effective ways, including : purulent moxibustion, magnetotherapy, breathe, point injection and object-embedding, ligation, and pick governance, such as cutting administration. From effect, the law broadly similar, more efficient 80 ~ 90%. Acupuncture treatment of asthma Mechanism : Some experimental studies have indicated that acupuncture can abnormal leukocyte asthma patients to normal lymphocyte transformation test and rosette indicators were lower than the value to normal. Acupuncture can alleviate some of bronchial spasm. Now that acupuncture may be through the meridians, neural and humoral system means activating the body defense system, which inhibit allergic to reduce the bronchial smooth muscle tension.

Body acupuncture
Main Points : Yuji, Feishu, Dazhui, Dingchuan, Lieque.
Points allocation : Fengmen, Tanzhong, Neiguan, allergic point.
Dingchuan location : adjacent to the seventh cervical spinous process to a 0.5-inch Office.
Allergy location : it refers to push a point obvious pain. Spread mainly in the trunk, upper extremity second, and less lower limb, and more meridian line, but not necessarily in relievers.

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