Zak acupuncture treatment sternoclavicular joint subluxation pain

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Zak acupuncture treatment sternoclavicular joint subluxation pain

Post  Zak on Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:54 am

X, female, 29 years old, left shoulder pain for four years, four years ago because of a bike accident and started swelling left shoulder pain, restricted activities, injured, the x-ray suggested that the left acromioclavicular joint subluxation, hospitals poor treatment, also with the left side headaches and throat discomfort.

Clinical examination: a spinal deformity, normal activities, have left acromion uplift, local tenderness Obviously, the left shoulder limited, highly sensitive point of tenderness in the left neck, shoulder, collarbone, left L5-L6.

Treatment: zak acupuncture
Results: After a period of treatment, to reduce illness.

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