Zak acupuncture treatment neck askew

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Zak acupuncture treatment neck askew

Post  Zak on Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:16 am

T, women, bilateral neck and shoulder pain, limited rotation to left for three years , no history of trauma. Pain constant development, the right serious head spin to the right, gradually become fixed, could not be rectified .cloudy days even more obvious, and bilateral neck pain, pain in scapular position, very uncomfortable, ineffective treatment in many hospitals.

Clinical examination: cervical spine fixed in the rotation to the right side, could not be rectified. Not right flexor, if strong corrected it, leads to the right shoulder pain and neck severe pain, tenderness highly sensitive point in the occipital, scapula back, right trapezius starting point, if a strong massage, and the pain is alleviated, but it can not maintain . For the diagnosis, spinal soft tissue damage, torticollis.

Treatment: zak acupuncture
Results: After a period of treatment, neck and shoulder pain disappeared, the patient can resume normal position, but still can not rotating to the left, and the need to strengthen training.

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