Acupuncture for Parkinsonís disease

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Acupuncture for Parkinsonís disease

Post  murphy on Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:47 am

A middle-aged and older occurred in the substantia nigra and the nigrostriatal pathway degenerative diseases. For a slow movement, muscle rigidity and tremors as the main clinical features. Tremor more from the side limbs, gradually expanding and body; Because of increased muscle tone, expressed as "lead pipe" or "gear" for ankylosis; Kai-step difficulties, panic gait, and forming a mask-like face. The main pathological disease Although qualitative change for the black, but the disease has not yet specified reasons. Currently, Western medical science can use drugs can improve symptoms, but can not stop the disease course. Using scalp acupuncture treatment and obtain a certain effect, acupuncture is gaining industry attention. Since the 1980s to date, the acupuncture treatment paralysis agitans many of the clinical article.

1, electro-acupuncture -- Points
Main Points : Naokong
Distribution Point :Qianding.Baihui,Chengling,Xuanlu,Tianchong,Tongtian
2, Scalp --- Points
Main Points : Dance tremor zone.
Points allocation : sports zone, listen zone
3, the body acupuncture --- Points
Main Points : Sishenchong,Fengchi,Jiache,Qvchi,Hegu,Yanglingquang,Taichong

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