a lot of question from my website visiter ..(3)

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a lot of question from my website visiter ..(3)

Post  Zak on Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:27 am

How to use acupuncture" cure psoriasis?
What about accupuncture helps alopecia areata?
Can acupuncture causing more trigeminal neuralgia pain?
Waht about acupuncture for avascular necrosis of the hip?
What about acupuncture for painful sexual intercourse?
Waht about acupuncture treatment for hashimoto's thyroiditis?
How much is animal acupunture cost per session?
How many session is average number of acupuncture treatments for neurodermatitis?
Why I have bruised tailbone pain when i sneeze?
Can acupuncture cause paralysis?
Can acupuncture help seborrheic dermatitis?
Can chinese herbs get rid of my fibroid tumors?
How does chinese tongue diagnose ear ringing?
Waht is deffered bladder pain from knee injury?
Which doctor who specialise in cases of alopecia in london?
Does rubbing toungue agaisnt tooth cause teeth to shorten?
Does spinal stenosis cause sharp pain in stomach?
How long does it take to feel the benefits of acupuncture?
Can we make hair grow with accupuncture ?
What methods used for treating spider veins with tcm?
What is natural treatments for overactive thyroid london?
I got pain running down back of leg,,Waht is acupuncture point?
Why I got painful urination in men accompanied by pain in the waist?
what are the points in electro acupuncture to stop hair loss?
What causes pain in the fingers and cyanosis?
what herbal tables are good for dizziness and vertigo?
where are the pressure points to treat facial neuralgia?
Why acupuncture in the legs for fertility?
Why does accupunture work with cervical spondylosis?

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