a lot of question from my website visiters...(2)

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a lot of question from my website visiters...(2)

Post  Zak on Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:55 am

How about chinese herbs for tired ,cold, headaches and sore eyes?
Have any links between 'piriformis syndrome' and abdominal discomfort?
Why I have butterfly feeling" in abdomen?
I got frozen shoulder,can't sleep,please help me relive pain !
I have been abdominal pain and foul smelling dark blood from menstruating,can you help?
Can you tell me accupressure points to encourage urination?
Which accupuncture points for torticollis?
Can urinary tract infection can cause headache?
How about acupuncture and thoracic outlet syndrome?
How about acupuncture clinical trials in the 21st century?
About acupuncture for spider veins?
What about acupuncture for treatment of compressed nerves in foot?
What is acupuncture meridians for vitiligo?
Can you tell me acupuncture poins fo bloodpresure?
I want to know acupuncture points for fullness in the ear!
Can I got acupuncture points leg peripheral nervous system?
Does acupuncture work for post operative scar?
What is acupuncture techniques for dispersing?
What about acupuncture treatment for facial nerve damage?
Acupuncturists in victoria who specialise in facial paralysis?
Do you know alternative treatments endometriosis in london?
At what age can you have accupunture?
I have buldging disk causing the bladder pain,not to work
Do bulging disc nerves cause swelling lower stomach pain?
Can a trapped nerve in neck cause indigestion?
Can acupuncture cause bursitis?
Can acupuncture treat melasma?
Can kidney infection cause neck, shoulder pain?
Can my tailbone pain be associated with an old back fracture?
Can you get nerve damage from acupuncture?
Can you tell me cervical spondylitis acupressure points?
Can chinese herbs for the ear blockages?
I have been chondromalacia patellae auto accident brake..help!
How about coccyx pain relief?
Does cupping therapy work for face wrinkles?
Does accupuncture help relieve numbness after a stroke?
Does apple cider vinegar help hemroids?
Does retrolisthesis cause sciatica in both legs?
What examination tech for soft tissue coccygeal pain?
Find restless leg syndrome acupuncture...
What is frozen shoulder tips for sleeping?
Has anyone had their facet joint removed?
How to treat periformis syndrome with herbs?
How inflamed gluteus muscles effects on health?
Do you practise male prostate massage?
What about meniere's disease treatment in children?
Why myofascial pain disorder can this cause numbness?
I have been pain caused by twisted thoracic vertebra radiate to the front chest..
What about restless leg syndrome with chinese acupuncture?
I got severe pain in genital+thighs+legs,What happen?
Waht is relation between sperm morphology and back pain?
Can I using accupuncture for slow thyroid?
What are the dangers of using acupressure?
What is the difference between a bulge of a lumbrosacral disc and a prolapsed lumbrosacral disc?
when hemorrhoids are so large the elimination is difficult ?
Will siatica cause pain in the abdomen?

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