a lot of question from my website visiters......(1)

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a lot of question from my website visiters......(1)

Post  Zak on Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:08 am

What can happen if a bulging disc that is causing bladder ..
How to cure numbness and tingling in arm from tight scapular
How does lumbosacral dysfunction and dervical dysfunction
Can cervical herniated disc cause bells palsy?
Diseases that cause bulge of fluild to attach around the tho
Can electroacupuncture heal a herniated disk?
Explain why the knee jerk and achilles reflexes are importan
Coccyx bone pain. how long does the pain last?
Can you have sciatica pain in lower abdomen referring from a
Severe abdominal pain with numbness in extremities, nausea,
Will antibiotic help heal siatica nerve problem?
Gluteus medius muscle dificulty sleeping on side and pain in
Can excessive fat in the spinal canal cause pain?
What is acupuncture points for piriformis pain?
How does the knee jerk reflex work?
How about treatment for vertebral artery pressure cervical
Tight shoulder clavicle muscle to c2 joint causing migraines
Slight traction to reduce pain of degeneration of knee?
About cervical spine stenosis and sexual dysfunction
Hand manipulation techniques can cures spinal stenosis ?
Can a chiropractor do anything for collapsed discs ?
Does tiaojing cuyun wan help with infertility?
Pain lessens with a ruptured disc, could it be healing?
Should i return to work if i have a bulging disk in my spine
Acupressure urinary tract infection and headaches are they ?
How to relieve pain in the thoraic area of the back where an
Most sensitive cervical vertebra that can cause paralysis
What can I do to bring my blood pressure down without drugs?
Who should I see about my back pain, a chiropractor or you?
Does being overweight make it harder to get relief from pain
I can't get comfortable in bed. Do I need a special mattress
Is there a problem with wearing high heels?
If I need surgery should I see an orthopaedic surgeon,anothe.
I have recently started to have a nagging backache
Where to order technology assisted micro-manipulation and re
Does soft tissue damage in sacrum affect walking
Can herniated disc cause sympathetic damage?"
What position to sleep in to ease bulging lumbar?
Can a mri scan see everything in your back and spine?
Is it possible to have a pinched nerve in the armpit?
Pins and needles in the back when coughing or sneezing
Can a trapped nerve in shoulder cause lightheadedness
Should i be climbing stairs with spinal stenosis?
Does l-4 nerve root compression cause headache?
How is pregnancy nausea treated with acupuncture heat lamps
Prolonged pressure on the nerve will eventually cause paraly
Face wrinkles acupuncture techniques
Best herbs for bad back pain due to cartilage slipping
Does cupping therapy useful to improve sexual drive in men?
Heat or ice for pain relief for kidney infections?
Chinese medicine what does dredging channels mean?
Can fascia cause muscle pain around abdomen?
What is a knee triage clinic and what do they do?
Severe pain in kidney area when bending over medical uk
How to cope with leg pain due to sciatica?
Heat or cold treatment for bulging disc
Causes of pins and needles in knees and legs
What is difference between kidney pain and back pain?
Could lower back pain be related to my kidneys or bladder
Can spinal problems cause indigestion?
Can nerve problems in neck cause severe sciatic pain in hip
Can extreme anxiety amp; panic attacks cause nerve damage
Could an inversion table make a ruptured disc worse?
Can acupuncture relieve pain caused by osteonecrosis?
Benefits of acupuncture for thoracic outlet syndrome
Alternative and complementary medicines for bladder, bowel
Acupoints to back pain fo diabetic patient
How many types of therapy for siatica relief
Shrinking dermoid tumor with chinese medicine
How effective is acupuncture in treating lupus
How do you tell the difference between a muscle spasm and a
Constant cheek and jaw pain affecting eye
Can symphysis pubis dysfunction caused a miscarriage?
Can physical therapy shrink a large cervical herniated disc
Can night sweats be caused by ruptured or damaged discs?&quo
Can neck support pillows harm arteries in neck
Can my bulging disc become herniated
Can hot temperatures cause disc pain to get worse?
Can acupuncture help to cure fibroid and block fallopian tub
Can a whiplash show up on a mri scan
Buttock pain i cannot lie on my side
Butterfly feeling in lower abdomen anorexia recovery
Auricular acupuncture points to stop smoking
I have back pain and soreness in genital area
If injury to the s-1 nerve will there be foot pain
Myofascial pain syndrome stemming from intervertebral disc i
Obstacles in incorporating acupuncture clinics
Professional opinions on use of chiropractors for back pain
Recommended course fo treatment for knee pain for runners
Returned to work with slipped disc but could not cope
Stretching exercises gluteus medius tendon bursitis
Tcm literature on tinnitus and its acupuncture treatment
The most common treatment for fast ejculation in the world
Accupressure points flat foot diagnosis fail
6 months post op pain in shoulder arm clumsy feeling in fing
What is (stop or quit) smoking acupoints?
How about treatment for compressed l3 vertebrae
About treating spontaneous ejaculation with acupuncture?
Any thing connect herniated disc "genital pain" ?
How about acupuncture for piriformis syndrome?
Can acupuncture cause numbness?
Can acupuncture cause numbness?
Could you tell me acupressure points vertigo spondylosis?
Why slow urination ,When I have back pain spine nerve
meniere's acupuncture ?
How to ease severe neck pain from slouching?
Herbs for weight loss,Does it work?
How about chinese herbs for thoraco-lumbar spine compression
can increase tension in the sternocleidomastoid cause dizzin
how good the acupuncture for soft tissue damage?
what does the doctors term mean called sciatica?

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