Zak acupuncture for Lumbar nerve injury case

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Zak acupuncture for Lumbar nerve injury case

Post  Zak on Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:24 pm

T, male, 34 years old, bilateral waist pain and right leg pain for 12 years, in the hospital ,diagnosis: L4, L5 disc herniation, disc excision, six months after surgery, the recurrence of low back pain, and development of the pain to left lower extremity pain , a lot of non-surgical treatment, symptoms continuing to increase, left lateral leg, right leg felt numb ,right ankle paralysis, walking difficulties, need crutches. Recently, the right lower limb paralysis, but the stool and urine are normal, the hospital diagnosis: L5 following lumbar nerve root injury, multiple treatment invalid!

Clinical examination: tenderness point in the right waist, deep, sensitive, following the right groin, pain completely exhausted, muscular atrophy, but the deep nerve reflexes still existence, other tests can not be carried out, the initial diagnosis: waist and hip soft tissue injury, paraplegia.

Treatment: zak acupuncture

Results: After a period of treatment, and lower leg extremity sensory slowly coming back, gradually, the patella very sharp pain, and the use zak acupuncture again, the patient gradually restored.

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