infertility case with zak acupuncture

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infertility case with zak acupuncture

Post  Zak on Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:25 pm

(1)Y X ,female, 30 years older, stuff of XX company

Dysmenorrhea began six years ago, Under abdominal pain and genital pain occurred in the first three days of menstruation,And gradually reduce the pain and disappeared in the menstrual period, Much menstrual and flow,bright red. Dysmenorrhea gradually worsened and intense by years,and also ccomplanied by nausea, vomiting, paleness, cold sweats, very serious.she married five years ago, Severe pain in intercourse since married. Contraceptive two years , But in the last three years ,patient did not pregnant, although the absence of contraception. Looking forward to pregnancy.Have used contraceptives for dysmenorrhea treatment, but in vain, Stop using drugs, because drug reaction.came see doctor ,Introduced by the old patients

Orthopedic examination: Straight leg raising test negative, Highly sensitive point of tenderness at the root of the thigh, Hip-flexor knees legs test positive. 20 degree angle, formed in the thigh and between the bed, it falls into the normal range.

Gynecological Clinic examination: Menarche 15-year-old, Partial position of the uterus, normal size, the normal uterus annex serious tenderness in the clitoris, bulbocavernous, levator muscle.

Diagnosis : soft tissue damage-pain in under abdominal, dysmenorrhea, painful intercourse, the primary infertility

Treatment: Deeply and intensive acupuncture therapy.

After treatment:
Gynecological examination, found after treatment, strong, tender and tenderness disappeared, No dysmenorrhea again and also no nausea; no vomiting;no paleness and cold sweats are gone.

Reviewed in the treatment of patients, two months later. Patient’s report : sexual intercourse pain disappeared, and the resumption of normal sexual desire, satisfaction with sex life, But she did not feel comfortable in the past two weeks ,Patient thought it maybe side effects of treatment, Final confirmation of pregnancy for patients……

(2)L X female,36 years older.stuff

20 chronic low back pain, is not serious, some good times and some bad, Not pregnant, since married (about 6 years), Menstrual normal, but always have a few days low back pain and under abdominal pain, since the beginning of menarche. Recently severe under abdominal pain happen, especially in the midcycle. Under the stomach with severe abdominal pain, relieve pain after farting, Sexual intercourse pain, no sexual climax ,because of pain, Had treatment according to “ rheumatism “ in another clinic,but no effect. A normal fertility husband, the couple looked forward to pregnancy .

Orthopedic examination:

Moderate sensitive in waists and buttocks, highly sensitive at the root of thigh, Straight leg raising test negative, , Hip-flexor knees legs test positive. 45 degree angle, formed in the thigh and between the bed.

Diargnosis:Soft tissue damage under abdominal pain in root of thigh, dysmenorrhea, painful intercourse, the original infertility .

Treatment : Deeply and intensive acupuncture therapy

After treatment:

Dysmenorrhea disappear. Reviewed after two years, Both dysmenorrhea and painful intercourse disappeared, the resumption of normal sexual desire, satisfaction with sex life, pregnanted six months after treatment, a fertility boys, low back pain and hip pain eased as well.

Examination: Trigger Point mildly sensitive in the waists and buttocks, the legs is not sensitive roots, knees hip-flexor legs test negative .

(3) J X, female 37 years older,labour worker.

Under abdominal pain for 20 years, sometime light,some time heavy, serious dysmenorrhea, intense pain in the groin and genitals, occurred two to three days before period. Relieve pain in the beginning of menstruation, Menstrual five days ahead, A bright red color, smooth menstruation. Married 12 years, not pregnant. Husband normal reproductive capacity. Salpingography inspection :side tubal unreasonable in another hospital. Has been diagnosed as chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, Long-term treatment ineffective.

Examination: Straight leg raising test negative, Hip-flexor knees legs test positive. 20 degree angle, formed in the thigh and between the bed,it Fall into the normal range.

Diagnosis: Soft tissue damage under abdominal pain in root of leg, dysmenorrhea, the original infertility .

Treatment:Deeply and intensive acupuncture therapy;

After treatment : Pregnancy occurred in the second months after treatment, Birth of a girl. Reviewed in half years later, Trigger point is not sensitive in the thigh roots, Hip-flexor knees legs test negative.


Under abdominal pain is the type of pain due to damage to the conduction in suprapubic extension and the inferior pubic ramus, The pain also can conduction of abdominal pain and breast pain.

Dysmenorrhea is also the result of soft tissue damage by effects of endocrine from menstrual cycle.

Vaginal pain comes from the root of the thigh injury

Important: pain in root of thigh can have lower abdominal pain ,and It also may cause tubal cramps, even although tubal is normal,so ovulation have obstacles then may caused the incidence of infertility.

Cause complex diseases include : Under abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, vaginal pain, primary infertility. Therefore, we need to first gynecological examination, and finally to be able to make diagnosis: from including pain located just on the inferior pubic ramus and the tenderness, hip-flexor knees pilot legs test, soft tissue damage-the root of thigh pain, dysmenorrhea, painful intercourse, vaginal pain.

Not easy to make the diagnosis of primary infertility.

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